Spring - Summer 24

From Beirut to Paris

We celebrate the fusion of cultures to create unique and enduring pieces that resonate with women across Europe and the Orient. Inspired by Lebanese and French heritage, Alexandra Rafie infuses the essence of both worlds into every collection.

Refined Fabrics For the Love of Sun & Sea Timeless Pieces Colorful Tweed Zero Waste

Harmonious blend of cultures

With a deep love for Lebanon, we proudly produce a significant part of our collection in Beirut, collaborating with talented local ateliers who share our commitment to craftsmanship. From concept to creation, we embark on a global quest to source the perfect fabrics, traveling the world to ensure our pieces exude unparalleled quality.

Thank you for your kind words!
Thank you for your kind words!
AR speaks to me. It's for the everyday girl who's looking for chic and easy to wear outfits. Most of the looks I've purchased can easily go from day to night and the fabrics are just to die for!
— Maria
Thank you for your kind words!
What I really appreciate about Alexandra Rafie is her choice of fabrics. She has such a wonderful selection. Her collection offers a great variety, including tweed jackets that I absolutely adore and trendy dresses with beautiful shoulder and hip openings. The whole collection has a vibrant and uplifting feel to it.
— Lorraine
Thank you for your kind words!
Very fresh, incredible textiles and designs that would last years and years. Unique pieces that you can wear day and night.
— Joy
Thank you for your kind words!
The quality of garments is what makes each piece stand out.. the exquisite details to the exceptional fit, every aspect of the garment was a testament to the designer's skill and dedication. Each peace has its own inspiration and story.
— Vania
Thank you for your kind words!
The perfect brand to have a unique piece, a unique creation! Always so creative with beautiful fabrics and colours. Love every piece I got at each collection! I am a big fan since the beginning!
— Roxane
Thank you for your kind words!
Her collections bring out a fresh, summery vibe and are perfect for your next vacation destination. It’s the brand to turn to if you’re looking for chic style and comfort
— Laetitia